Here are some of our frequently asked questions.


Why bamboo toilet paper?

Bamboo is the fastest growing material and is packed with great benefits for people and the planet. 

Bambooloo toilet paper is 100% Hypoallergenic, 100% Chemical Free (No BPAs, No Chlorine, No Nasty Chemicals), highly absorbent (25% more absorbent than Wood-Pulp) and septic safe.

Not only is it better for us, it is also better on the planet. Bamboo grows around a meter a day and reaches maturity in around 5 years while trees, while trees take 20 to 50 years to reach maturity! Bamboo can grow in soil where other plants can’t and thus highly arable land can be saved for other crops.


Cool, where does your bamboo come from?

Our FSC® certified bamboo right is sourced from the biggest grower of bamboo in the world and where the bamboo industry started, China. More specifically, from the Sichuan Province. 45% of the world's bamboo grows in China. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to maintain the FSC certification so we could guarantee the responsible management of those forests and the management of workers throughout the entire supply chain.


Wait, is this hurting the ecosystem of pandas?

No, most certainly not. The ecosystem of pandas is not affected by the production of bamboo toilet paper as the species of bamboo used is not consumed by pandas as it is too hard. 


How much water and carbon does it take to make Bambooloo toilet rolls?

In order to make 220 sheets of bamboo toilet paper, it takes 2.6 gallons of water and 132g of carbon. On the other hand, it takes 37 gallons of water and 440g of carbon to make the same amount of toilet paper out of wood pulp. Our numbers are constantly monitored by our ISO and FSC certified factory that has decades of experience in creating bamboo toilet paper.


Are you really 0% plastic?

Our mission is to reduce and remove whenever and wherever possible one time use plastics from our society and the environment. To this end we started out with the simple method. If we can deliver a great product without any plastics at all we will.

Bambooloo has no plastics at all, of any kind it its supply chain. Not even our tape. This approach whilst not completely unique now, we were amongst the first. And we are still the only retailer ready 100% one time use plastics free brand in our sector, anywhere...


What are the cores and wraps made from? 

These are all made, like our boxes from recycled wood pulp (locally sourced / local mix fibre) These are from certified suppliers, and we constantly review the supply and the choice of materials to aim to use as much post consumer material as is possible. The same applies to our outer boxes, GrabBags and cartons. All are printed using vegetable grade inks and are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.


Why do you individually wrap your rolls in the 36 roll box?

 We ship from our manufacturing location without any plastics, not an easy thing to do and against the advice of our factory partner. Tissue paper can easily absorb moisture as you know, so to better protect the product in transit and whilst in your home we wrap the rolls in the 36 roll box to better protect them. We removed this wrapping for the GrabBag and other carton products after listening to feedback. As these arrive in a bag, in box.

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