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Bambooloo Antibacterial Sanitising Wipes 100% Bamboo - 300 Wipes Refillable Canister

Sanitising Wipes - Love Bambooloo

Bambooloo 100% Bamboo Antibacterial Sanitising Wipes.

300 wipes per refillable canister. With safety seal.

Safe, gentle natural cleaning wipes for both surfaces and your skin. Containing organic Aloe and Chamomile. Our antibacterial wipes are certified effective 99.9% against germs and bacteria. Our wipes are 15cm x 20cm, so a good handy size for most jobs and made with 45gsm (thickness) 100% bamboo spun lace.

No single-use plastics

Available in our handy carry. Refillable, reusable and recyclable center pull-through opening canister. Traditional wipes come in 40,60,80 sheet non-recyclable one-time-use plastic packaging. We think it’s time to drop this idea and recognise how wasteful and damaging these are.

100% bamboo wipes

No plastics here either... Did you know that most wipes are at 45-65% plastics? No... Well, that's no surprise as the industry has been pulling the wool over our eyes for a very long time and avoided telling us what the base material was. We don't like being misled, so we are 100% transparent and 100% bamboo.

Suitable Uses

Ideal for hands and surfaces where bacteria or unpleasant odours are a concern. Our Bambooloo Sanitising Antibacterial Wipes can be used on countertops, food preparation surfaces, floors, appliances, garbage cans, changing tables, high chairs, cribs, children’s toys, toilet seats, doorknobs, desks and pet habitats. Also suitable for your hands.

To Clean.

Wipe the surface with wipe until clean. For stubborn stains, leave the surface visibly wet with a wipe for a few minutes before wiping the surface clean.

To Sanitise and Deodorise.

Wet the surface with a wipe (spot test to check compatibility). Leave visibly wet for 3 minutes and allow to air-dry. No rinsing or wiping is required even on food contact surfaces.

Shelf Life:

Three Years after outer packaging opened Usage guide: Use within 45 – 60 days once opened.


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Jasline Wei Qi Lee

Antibacterial Sanitising Wipes 100% Bamboo - 300 Wipes Refillable Canister

Melody Soon
BEST Buy EVER!!!!!

Buying this wipes is the Best Decision i ever made!! i've used PLENTY of Antibacterial wipes & by far this is The Best and most Amazing!!! i So TOTALLY Recommend this product

Great value for money

We're big users of Bambooloo toilet rolls so the antibacterial sanitising wipes seemed logical to try. It's easy to use and has a lovely scent that the kids love and willingly use regularly. It's great value for us and highly recommended.

Excellent Wipes

Great wipes especially during this period with the 300 pieces coming in handy to sanitise the items that are high touch and also your hands.

Back for more after the family commented the scent is light and unlike the usual strong smell of alcohol in similar sanitising wipes!

Customer Reviews

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