About Bambooloo

The thought of having only one Earth, yet living to see her drowning in non-degradable, one-time use plastic?

It’s not something we at Bambooloo are able to let slide. It was time to act.

Studies have shown that by 2050, landfills and oceans will be brimming with over 900 million tonnes of plastic! We all have read the news on how these plastic waste have led to the deaths of wildlife.

We couldn’t carry on witnessing this and that’s when we decided that it’s time to take matters into our own hands.

In early 2016, Bambooloo was created in the United States by Lara Amoroso, a single mom wanting to make a stand against the tidal wave of one-time use plastics.

She teamed up with David Ward a veteran of the sustainable products market in 2017 and the brand became a part of The Nurturing Co. in 2018.

We are determined to make an impact, we’re going all out to create a better, greener alternative that’s sustainably  sourced using zero one-time use plastics.

A founder of the movement, Bambooloo continues to lead the way towards a better world!

We’re on this journey to improve the world we live in, and want you to join in on this change.

A better product - for a greater you, for a greater planet.


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