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Good quality.

Been using for many years.

Good quality product

Paper is not too thin like other product that tear easily and soft to skin. Introduced by my daughter who is a go for green supporter in year 2020 during Covid pandemic. Have been ordering online the past 2 and a half years. A good quality product !

Best home use anti bacterial wet wipes

Have been using the product since Covid pandemic. Right size and thickness for home use. Have introduced to my 82 year old mum and she loves it too!👍


Thanks for this. The family loves it

Easy and convenient

Take care of my household needs easy restock

Great product

Good quality and affordable price.. delivered promptly too! Very satisfied using this for the past 6 months. Will reorder again.

Received in 2 separated date

Had well received the stocks in 2 separated date which nobody informed me about it. Worse, noone press the door bell or bother to knock on our door. This time round, your delivery service was really bad. I only got to know when I reached home and saw your products laying on the floor right outside my doorstep.This was the worse experience after so many previous orders.

Bamboo Toilet Rolls | 36 rolls

Bamboo Cube Facial Tissues | 12 cubes
Bamboo cube facial tissue

Changed to normal facial tissue instead. Because country not available. Love how the packaging is also green material. Tissues are nice and no dust too.

Would appreciate if the service in replying emails could be more efficient though. Will purchase again

Quality sustainable toilet rolls

I have been looking for sustainably sourced and good quality toilet rolls, and Bambooloo fits the bill. The avoidance of plastic packaging is a nice touch too.

Great stuff to share

Will make another order soon

Works a charm...

Fast delivery, great performance, love the wrapped rolls. Not all spongy and lose like some rolls.. Definitely feels thicker, guess that's the Plus in the PlusPly. Tried both surfaces and both get the job done. No breaks, no mess and No itching after an hour or so.. Will buy again.

Repeat purchase

One of the covers was opened but no spills. Was expecting the canisters to have improved from my previous purchase of the old packaging, hence the 4stars. I’ve not opened the new ones. If it’s the same wet wipes then it deserves 5stars.

Loved this product

Great product, great for the environment, will buy again.

A gift for a friend

I bought a couple these wipes for my friend when she was Covid19 +. I figured it would be useful for the family to take the opportunity to clean their home throughly once they recover. The wipes were handy and easy for the kids to help out too.

WaterBaby Wet Wipes | Carton of 6 x 160 Wipes
Great packaging for one handed use

Love these wet wipes! not only because they are plastic free. They are soft for baby bum. Not too thick, not too thin - just perfect to wipe. And best of all the packaging is really convenient on the changing table. You can easily pull the wipes with one hand, even when the packaging is almost empty.

It would be great if there would be refills for the canister.

My favorite mask

Used consistently throughout the pandemic-light, protective, colorful, breathable- highly recommended!

The best in bulk

Great product but the supermarket I purchase from runs out of stock. Can now order in bulk delivered to my door and always have a plastic free product

Will Order Again!

So much to love - the easy access tub with 300 wipes that stay wet and fresh, the fact that it’s antibacterial, and the fresh, clean scent. I’m definitely ordering refills.

2 x Bambooloo 3 Ply Toilet Roll GrabBags (2 x 8 rolls, 220 sheets each) (PRE-ORDER)

An Essential in These Times

I have been making these wipes my household essential for quite a while now. Couldn’t explain more why they are great in wiping surfaces and disinfecting at the same time.

No delivery

I have not received my order and was told by the delivery guy that the toilet rolls were out of stock. I have emailed many times but there’s no reply from you guys to-date.

Our apologies again for the wire cross up.

Our team marked your order as fulfilled and it generated the email to you.
Thank you also for your understanding as we deal with the shipping delays we have encountered.

Best wishes.

Easy handling wipes

Will continue using this wipes; hassle-free and good handling.

Bambooloo 100% bamboo kitchen rolls. 60 sheet, 2 ply, 4 rolls per GrabBag.