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We are a transparent and fair minded run business, and we are always happy to share what we do and how we do it. If what you need is not here please know you can always contact us directly with your questions too.

Where does your bamboo come from?

Our FSC® certified bamboo right is sourced from the biggest grower of bamboo in the world and where the bamboo industry started, China. More specifically, from the Sichuan Province. 45% of the world's bamboo grows in China. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to maintain the FSC certification so we could guarantee the responsible management of those forests and the management of workers throughout the entire supply chain.

What about the plastics?

Our mission is to reduce and remove whenever and wherever possible one time use plastics from our society and the environment. To this end we started out with the simple method. If we can deliver a great product without any plastics at all we will.

Bambooloo has no plastics at all, of any kind it its supply chain. Not even our tape. This  approach whilst not completely unique now, we were amongst the first. And we are still the only retailer ready 100% one time use plastics free brand in our sector, anywhere...

Why do you wrap your rolls in the 36 roll box.

We ship from our manufacturing location without any plastics, not an easy thing to do and against the advice of our factory partner. Tissue paper can easily absorb moisture as you know, so to better protect the product in transit and whilst in your home we wrap the rolls in the 36 roll box to better protect them. We removed this wrapping for the GrabBag and carton products after listening to feedback from people like yourself. As these arrive in a bag, in box.

Do you take back the old boxes?

Yes we do. We will pick them up on our next visit to you. We will repurpose them for sending out other products within the range. So please feel free to let us know by adding a note on your order telling us you would like them picked up. Likewise the cores.

What are the cores and wraps made from?

These are all made, like our boxes from recycled wood pulp (locally sourced / local mix fibre) These are from certified suppliers, and we constantly review the supply and the choice of materials to aim to use as much post consumer material as is possible. The same applies to our outer boxes, GrabBags and cartons. All are printed using vegetable grade inks and are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

But your Nurturing Co wipes have a plastic canister?

Yes they do. The best at present we can do with wipes is to remove the one time use plastics from the supply chain, this along with only offering bulk reusable, refillable products are the major brand points for The Nurturing Co ranges.

Wipes need a container that protects the formula and resists contamination and loss of moisture. So our first big step was the move to reusable, refillable options for the containers. Made with PET plastic these canister can serve many more purposes than just for the wipes that come in the them the first time. As option become available to move away from a plastic container in the range we will do so.


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