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NAT:Mask Natural Fibre Reusable Mask (BFE≥95) (Original colours)

Reusable Mask - Love Bambooloo


The Golden Trio - Bamboo, Silk and Cotton

 Outer layer: 100% Cotton which is durable, breathable and great at filtering out particles
Middle layer: 100% Silk which is ideal for electrostatic filtering
Inner layer: 100% Bamboo which is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. You won’t have to worry about mask acne anymore.
For those who want extra protection, we got you covered! Our mask comes with an additional removable 100% bamboo fabric layer which boosts the level of filtration.


SAFE: Test Results

Our mask is tested by Bureau Veritas (BV), a trusted testing centre under the standard of ASTM F2100-2019. Based on the tests conducted, here are our results.

Test Result What does this mean for me? 
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥ 95  95% effectiveness against airborne bacteria and viruses
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (PFE) ≥ 95 95% effectiveness against airborne particle, dust, micro-plastic, mites, pollen


Taking care of your Nat:Mask©

Since the Nat:Mask is made of a powerhouse of natural fibres, it would last you more than a 100 washes as tested by Bureau Veritas (BV). To ensure the longevity of the mask, take note of the following guidelines.

Gently hand wash the mask with cold water and soap and leave to line dry. Iron, if desired, on low heat on the outer layer only. Wash mask prior to using and after every use. Do not machine wash, dry clean or use fabric softener.

Fits just the way you want

The curvy contour hugs the shape of your face leaving a clean and neat silhouette while he copper noseband ensures a snug fit that means no more foggy glasses for us all! Skin sensitive elastic bands and adjustable silicone rings allow you to customize the fit of the mask so that it stays on comfortably all day.

Colours for all moods & sizes for all ages

The Nat:Mask comes in a variety of three sizes and eight colours to make sure that people of all ages and preferences can sport a Nat:Mask they like! Check out the colours and how to choose the best fit below. 

Size The Fit Colours Available 

266mm (W) x 150mm (H)

Recommended for adult men

All 8 colours 

210mm (W) x 130mm (H)

Recommended for adult women

All 8 colours

200mm (W) x 120mm (H)

Recommended for children 5+

Frozen Blue, Hot Pink, Ultraviolet and Stone Grey only


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
comfy mask that fits really well!

Bought the size M and regret not getting more, it's really comfortable and fits my face perfectly, no gaps, and the elastic loops don't irritate my ears ;)

Lor Mee
Comfy & Can breathe

Lovely mask, very comfortable, can breathe easily, no more pimples

Might retire my DET30 masks now :)

It's so comfortable and well made - definitely reordering. Bonus for the no plastic packaging too

Excellent Upgrade

I received my two NATMasks yesterday. Highly comfortable and really soft! An excellent upgrade from the usual face masks I must say. No more foggy glasses as well. Thank you!


Having tried many reusable masks, I often had to pick between safety and comfort. Finally with the NAT:Mask, there is a mask that fits well, looks good and feels comfortable! No more hot air blowing into the eyes, uncomfortable itchy masks and the dreaded mask acne! Such an awesome find :)

Customer Reviews

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