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Bambooloo rolls out 'Penny Per Roll' with World Toilet Organization

Starting from 1st November 2020, The Nurturing Co. launched its ‘Penny Per Roll’ initiative with its bamboo based brand Bambooloo® as a part of a program of actions to help support World Toilet Organization’s aim of increasing awareness and improving sanitation conditions around the world. Starting with its Singapore based business the initiative will soon “roll-out” in the UK as the company launches its innovative 0% plastic 100% love, Bambooloo® branded toilets rolls there, followed by its licensee markets of New Zealand and Malaysia.

Each time a roll is sold “a penny” will be allocated to help better fund the various projects WTO® have around the world to help improve the lives of people, many of whom today have no flushing sanitation. Through this both WTO® and Bambooloo® hope to increase the awareness around the global sanitation crisis and offer consumers a way to contribute towards improving sanitation around the world. On World Toilet Day 2020, 19th November, the 20th anniversary of the creation of WTO both Bambooloo® and WTO® are proud and very excited to share this news with a world coming to terms with the sudden changes brought upon us all, but a time when more and more consumers are making they consumption choices more wisely and looking at how they might help others in need of support.

Lack of proper sanitation

Lack of sanitation in a household

According to the World Health Organization (WHO®), 4.2 billion people in the world still lack access to basic sanitation facilities such as toilets1 with at least 892 million people resorting to openly defecating2. This causes a myriad of problems such as higher risk of transmission of disease and reduces human well-being.1 Solving the sanitation crisis is aligned with the sixth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of ensuring access to water and sanitation for all. This movement has been pioneered by the World Toilet Organization, founded by Jack Sim in 2001.

Container school toilets built by WTO under the Rainbow School Toilet Project

Container school toilets built by WTO under the Rainbow School Toilet Project

“The World Toilet Organization is the global voice for sanitation. Over the last 20 years, we've created a global movement improving the state of sanitation worldwide. We are very happy to receive the support from Nurturing and Bambooloo in this program.” expressed Jack Sim when asked about his thoughts on the initiative.  

Identifying the necessity of increasing global awareness to the sanitation crisis faced my many countries, WTO established World Toilet Day on 19 November each year. For the past 20 years, World Toilet Day has garnered the support of the global community, NGOs, businesses and social organizations. The Rainbow School Toilet Project that started in 2015 led to WTO building close to 350 cubicles in schools in China which have benefitted close to 8000 students and teachers.

Grabbag of Bambooloo Toilet Rolls

GrabBag of Bambooloo® Toilet Rolls

Bambooloo®, a brand under The Nurturing Co, has received high acclaim online and offline for their range of sustainable products. The company won the inaugural Best Social Enterprise Award in 2019 and is nominated for the Best Asian Startup Award in 2020. The company is also ESGmark certified for its environmental, social and governance practices. Since launching in Singapore in late 2018, The Nurturing Co has expanded into the New Zealand & Malaysia markets and is now underway to launch into the UK market through its new company based there. The company is delighted to join hands with WTO® to help improve sanitation around the world with the “Penny a Roll” initiative, and will add to its support of WTO with a program linked to the release of its new bidet bar brand, Wipeless™. 

"We are truly excited about working closely with Jack and the team at WTO. We feel strongly that the work being carried out by WTO is essential to bettering the lives of many people and that the Bambooloo 'Penny a Roll' program will help fund WTOs efforts in building clean sanitation where it is needed." shared David Ward, the CEO and Founder of The Nurturing Co when asked about the reason behind the initiative.






Ishwarya Rama
Ishwarya Rama

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